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[24 Nov 2004|06:10pm]

last entry.

new username<3





check out that live journal ;-)

to stop there nightmares

if you only knew // [21 Nov 2004|03:22pm]

tonight these headphones will deliver you the words that i cant say <3Collapse )

to stop there nightmares

if you ever said you loved me then dont say you never lyed [21 Nov 2004|02:18am]
[ mood | smelly =P ]

i am sooo tired.

woke up like around 1130, hadda clean for thanksgiving? which is on thursday. blahhh so i got readii kindda later. and around like 430 went to lexiis, karen was there to. hung around. then her parents ordered dominios for us yummmmm. well karen left before the food even came, kuz her mom bought her mcdonalds. so me and lexii like ate, and i winded up sleeping over =). haha, me and lexii shared a twin sized bed, and i kept sqishing her against the wall kuz i was afried of falling off hahaha <3. lexii was on the fone w her boyfriend for like EVER!. so i decided to call people, and i called ryan smith, i was on the fone w him for a liddle kuz hes effin awsome. then i decided to go to sleep and lexii kept like laughing kuz she as still on the fone w her effin b/f. so she went into her attic for like a hour and i fell asleep =) and i couldnt sleep at all kuz lexii kepyt on pushing me and i ddnt wanna fall off so i was unconfertable =X. yahh it was fun <3 great times.

came home about like an hour ago. listening to some music<33. ha guess what? my dad met "method man," that rapper, i think at like the airport or something.. and my dad called my brother and they talked for like 2 minutes and once he got off the fone hes like HOLY SHIT GUESS WHO I WAS JUST ON THE FUCKIGN FONE WITH!?!??! FUCKING METHOD MAN!!! and my dad got autographs for him. so that should keep him happy for a while. i reali needa take a shower man. its been like 24 hours aready, and im still in the same clothes as yesterday, and that iv slept in and its lioke sweatpants and a sweatshirt and im liek sweatingg!!! so i think i should take a shower.

i cant wait till my birthday. i think imma ask my mom if i can have another sleepover partii kuz it was loads of fun last year so i wanna do it again. and kim is like forcing me to kuz she enjoyed it much =P. but i think the most people i could have is like 10 but i wanna try for 14 since im turning 14 =). that aint much people.
but if i have a regular partii i would nwan invite like alot of peple, but i aint got the any room!! blahh well ill figuar something out.

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dont you think its obveious that i want you.. [20 Nov 2004|10:56am]
[ mood | ditzy ]

yesterday night was fun<3
school sucked.
but @ night, me laura kim stef and megg<3 bfffenenenee went to friendlys. for my birthday
which isnt till decemeber 11 [by my gifts].
its was fun.
they made the WHOLE place stop and like stare at me, because the people sung happy birthday to me!
it was reaslli funny tho. kuz they were like jenn were gunna get them to sing happy bday to uu but im like no, we will come next time kuz my bdays in a few weeks and like i planend out wen we should go again, then they came around and started clapping. and im like o god. and then they gave kim the ice cream w the candle in it, and than there liek pointing to me so they slid it over, and it wasnt even the same ice cream i ordered. it was quit funny =).
after friendlys. we came bak to my house. ha it was lots of fun <3 we were like talking about everything. then around like 1030 we walked up to 2bros, no not for more food! but for drinks, kuz all i had to drink was coke and i fished it, and then there was a bottle of sprite and stef like spilt it EVERYWHERE! haha i love everyone of them.

today was surpost to be fun, but i donna how great its gunna be, kuz its raining =(


alexis called me like a few minutes ago, and she was like half crying and screaming at her parents because shes moving. come on, who makes there kid move like 3 days after christmas. thats tourture. and iv none alexis since we were todlers and i realli have no idea what im gunna do without her. shes moving like only 15 mintutes away, but im soo used to like just walking to her house when like were hanging and shiz. and im gunna miss that.. whats gonna happen to 4 unit? nothing is gonna be the same. <3 alexis, everyones gonna miss you so much. <3 bfffenennenennenenee

i gotta go, kuz its a saturday morning .. and my grandmas like knocking at my door so me and my sis can go and clean the house??!?!?! and my dads coming home early.. so that mans that imma have to clean like half the world. so bye

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what would you do if i told you "i love you", and ment it [19 Nov 2004|11:04pm]

Next year at this time this year, i'll be there waiting for youCollapse )

to stop there nightmares

[19 Nov 2004|10:00pm]
i love my friends.
to stop there nightmares

your my reason for breathingg.. [18 Nov 2004|04:35pm]
new layouy =DD


leave lots of comments
to stop there nightmares

[17 Nov 2004|08:13pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

havnt updated in a while.
laura dees making me update now =P

felt like shit. didnt go to school. haha made my christmas // bday list <33 bdays = DEC 11 buy my gifts

went to school. sub in science THANKS THE EFFIN LORD <3! also, had "mix-it-up day" during lunch. you had to sit with people that u dont normally sit with which is gay? and ur surpost to become freinds with them.. it was like a mix of 6/7/8 graders. but it was me lexii connie 2 six graders.. mark civitan and scott goldstien. and someother kid?. religon @ night. got fitted for our robes for confermation, all they did was measure us, im 5'4". =). watched the jesus movie, wen THEY TAKE THE OLD MANS GOAT!!! =-O!!!! freddy said that the girl next to me was cryingg wen jesus was bleeding <3.

school sucks.

tomorrows thursday..
than friday <33 i think friendlys w/. my girls? yay =)

new layout sometime by friday =)


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[14 Nov 2004|07:29pm]
[ mood | bored ]

didnt sleep that late today, kuz karen caled me and said we were going to the mall. got all readii, in the end, we DIDNT go. so i got up + got readii for no reason blahhhhhhhh!

laterr alexia and karen came to my house. we went to chrinese place / 2 bros, i only got an egg roll and a dr. pepper. we saw alica and her firned rob again, there both sooo cool. =P

went bak to alexias for a liddle. then i hadda leave and go to rock mass.

so alexis picked me up around 445. we sat w lik justin ryan fredy chrisd chrisl and mattm. it was soo funn tho .. kuz me and lexii jus talked liek the whole time how holy are we?!?!?!. then wen we went to recive the eurcoruious me and lexii were talking about this kid phil. and then to our luck our religon teacher was like right behind us. and shes like LADY STOP! CUT IT OUT. it was funny. then we stood after for dinner and cake and sodas. and since we stood for that we werent allowed to leave? so we were forced to have this diccussion about stem cell reseachhh it was like a hour. and noone even talked except for the priest!!! ha, and towars the end, hes like next mouth were going christmas chrouling. and i went huuu [gasps] realli loud and everyone turned around and looked at me. =P then we got free time for like a liddle. but me and lexii got bored so we decided to leave. an gues who was there?!!?!!? IAN!! anyone from meadowbrook remeber him??, he was the tall hid w blonde hair.?! i remebered him and lexiis like how did u remeber that that was ian and im like kuz im awsome. well we left liiek 10 min into it. yeahhhhhh. well imma go to sleep in a few kuz im soo tired. this weekend wore me out =P

comment alot please <3

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[13 Nov 2004|11:22pm]
[ mood | blank ]

realli tired.
this is gunna be a short entry.

yesterday was my brothers bday. so stood in the whole night, i was surpost to babysit, but idn what ever happened to that?

today was awsome. "partii day" - lol lexii. well kim and lexii came over, than we walked to 2bros. ate. saw alica and her firend rob. talked w them in 2bros while we ate. went to kerris for a liddle. went bak to kims, watched grind + ate popcorn. laura came. ordered more pizza. danced. talked on the fone. true circle. online. took pics. awsome night <33

kims gotta send me ALL the pics from tonight. so ill try to post them tomorrow. but im going to rock mass w/ lexii for confermation. we HAVE to. soo eyah idn if theyll be there by tomorrrow. comment alot, mayb they will <33

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[10 Nov 2004|11:56pm]
[ mood | freezing .. brrrr! ]

the past few days have sucked.
school school school school. blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

well no school tomorrow =)

i had meggs birthday partii before. it was fun x465458454 =). ha me kim and olivia walked up to kims grandmas house, her g`pa and g`ma are soooo effin cool.. "would you girls like a soda" lmao <3. im wierrrd. well yeahh got home like a half hour ago.

short entry. bye <3

to stop there nightmares

its all too sweet to last <3 [08 Nov 2004|02:59pm]
[ mood | tired ]

didnt have time to update yesterday ..
went to roosavelt with olivia laura and kristen <33 bffl. we shopped and ate and looked for guys. 8-). i got this cool smelling perfume!. well we met kristens friend pat and his kuz joe. pat is sooo hot. i love his hair <3. well yeahhhhh. we left around like 630?
i came home and hadda do my effin ELA perject. it was easy tho. =P

school sucks. exspecally on mondays! grr.

I never thought it'd be this way
Just me and you, we're here alone
And if you stay, all I'm asking for is
A thousand bodies piled up
I never thought would be enough
To show you just what I've been thinking

And I'll keep on making more
Just to prove that I adore
Every inch of sanity
All I'm asking for is, all I'm asking for is

These hands stained red
-My Chemical Romance

to stop there nightmares

[07 Nov 2004|12:53pm]
yayyyy for mini - M&M's
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trust me, im not okey.. i promise. [06 Nov 2004|10:10pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

today was soo much fun.
didnt do much during the day excpet for clean kuz my grandmas polish. then around like 6 laura came over. than around lik 630 kristen came over. we walked around and met up with stephen. hes cool except the fact that hes a horny basterd! anyways after a while we met up with stef for a liddle but she didnt stay that long =-/. then kristens friends tom, paul and dan met us at 2brothers. there soo effing cool. than we decided to get some beers at pauls house. so we walked down to pauls house, and behind his house is like this park. so we looked on the ground for un-opened beers that tom and them threw the night before. so we found a few and drank them. than we were chillin and i went to go on the swings and i was the only one =( than dan came over haha hes funking funny!!! hes like omg i havnt been on one of these in years my balls cant tak it, so he tryed swinging and he couldnt kuz his balls hurt him to much. lmao it was funny. than everyone else came and we chilled. than we saw paul and stephen bruning a beer case and it was bigg, than the people across the street saw them doing that and we thouight they were gunan call the cops so we left. we walked over to northside school and chilled there for a liddle. than around like 10 we hadda walk bak kuz laura and kristen hadda get picked up. so tom and paul walked us bak like more than half way and than we didnt kno were to go the rest of the way. so they told us, but u kno that were stupid so we walked down to the end of the block and they told us to go this wierd way, and i knew my away around there do i went a easier way =D i saved the day lol. so we went bak to my house laura got picked up and me and kristen just chilled for a liddle than she left around like 11? and now its like 1130 and im effing tired so good night all.

to stop there nightmares

[06 Nov 2004|10:44am]
[ mood | crushed ]

haha, didnt update last night kuz i got to tired.

well i had off yesterday for parent teacher conferances. so i didnt do much during the day except tak down my halloween decorations and clean my room =-/.

than around 6 me laura kim and kristen went to the movies @ broadwayyy. we wanted to see "saw" but i kno that i would pee everywhere from being so scared, kuz me and kim watched the previews for it and it looked sooo effing scary. well kim went up to the ticket people and she asked for 2 tixs to see saw, and since its 'R' we thoight that maybe kim looked 18? so the guy started to ring up the tixs and trhan hes likewait, i needa see ID and than kims like ahh i didnt bring my bag, butr we were so close to acturally getting tixs for it. well so we just decided to see the incredables, kuz kim and kristen already saw the grudge [which me and laura wanted to see]. well we went to find our seats and kristen invited her 2 friends to come tom and paul. there awsome. so about 20 mintues into the movie we left. we were gunna sneak into SAW but there were to many secrity guards and i knew that if we did go to see it that i would pee my self. so we just left. we basicly walked around the mall and ate the rest of the time. then we left around like 10. than i was on the comp for a liddle. than me and this kid ryan smith [not schmidt] were on the fone til like 230 hahah <33 it was so much fun. well yeahh .. and i basicly jus wok up a liddle ago so imam go tak a shower. toodles.

Whats wrong with cyciry when every where I look I see..
Young girls dying to be on T.V.
They wont stop till they reach there dreams
Diet pills,
This just donsnt make sence to me
Is everybody going crazy?
Is anybody gonna save me?
Can anyone tell me whats going on
If you open your eyes youll see that something is wrong.
-SIMPLE PLAN <333333333333333333 x4846857685

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[05 Nov 2004|11:39am]

and thats what you get for falling again, you could never get them outta your head ..Collapse )

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[02 Nov 2004|06:29pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

wooooooooo today was fun. ha the past 3 days have been awsome<3

well i wasnt gunan do anything today kuz i hadda do my family tree project for social studys, but i decided to screw that. so i went to meet olivia and laura up at carmen. but they were at kristens, so i walekd to kristens and us 4 walekd up to carmen for food. and chantal came and met up with us. than wen we saw haro bikes by j&r and thought we knew the people but we didnt, so we made friends with them. one kid dreyk he was coolm, but his friend.. was wierd. so we hung with them for a liddle. than they left and we went to the laudry mat and put opur sweatshirts in the dryer so they got all warm lol. than we met bak up with those kids and hung around. than kristen got hurt on her boyfriend[the turtle]. than brittni came. we chilled around carmen for a while, then walked to deryks house, hes 'surposably rich' and we were gunan go in his hot tub. but wen we got there we just stood in his gardge and listen to music. than we took some beers and went to the woodchip playground. stood there for a liddle than me and brittni walked bak to carmen and left. yeahh soo that was basicly my dad, it was alot more funner than it seemed =P

well anyways .. i might be going to a simple plan concert this monday kuz the tixs went on sale today but i needa convince my parents =) well update tomorw, its lik my first day bak since ?? friday =) than we hav off friday! so im only going to school for 2 days =P wat now biotch. i dont even kno any of the homework but idc. byee <3

i can stay awake just to hear you breathing
watch your smile when you are sleeping
while your faraway and dreaming
i can spent my life in this sweet surrender
ever m,oment spent with you is a moment i treaure
i dont wanna close my eyes
i dont wanna fall asleep because ill miss you baby,
and i dont wanna miss a thing
even when i dream of you the sweetest dream will never due
ill still miss you babe and i dont wanna miss a thing <3
-the off springs <33

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[01 Nov 2004|11:12pm]
[ mood | calm ]

well today was fun.
didnt go to school kuz i was tired from halloween last night. so i slept late and got all readii. than didnt do much till like 6, and thats when laura came over. we got bored so we walked around to 2bros and hicksville. it was fun and scarey. than when we were leaving these kids were yelling stuff like 'yo come bak here nigga!' and we ddnt know who they were talkin to so we just kept walking. than we met up with aj and kristen came too. but aj didnt feel that good and went home. than me kristen and laura went to the 99 cents store and we saw thes liddle ghetoo kids and kriosten was soo funyy shes started like following them and when they left they were like fuck u bitch haha it was great. than we met bak up w aj and we decided to walk bak into hicksville to soo if we can find those kids who called us niggas. but i got scared and didnt wanan start anyhting. but as we were deciding to go or not that liddle ghetto kid and 3 of his friends were walking by us. and they strated messing with us. it was soo effing funny kuz this one other liddle kid had this fake shot gun from the 99 cents store and was like acting like it was a real gun, but it ddnt even have anything in it so it was basicly pointless. and there 2 friends were cool one was named paul and the other one, they called him 'chinko' ha. and those 2 liddle kids just kepy messing with us, wel mostly kristen. and thery took her hat and anted to pee in it lmao. than they tought we wanted to fight, so they called like all htere firends. and they all came over in like 1 secomd im not even kidding. and we got kindda scared kuz there firends had cars and shiz and they were lik all though. than we deicded that we would jus lik leave. but they relized we werent gunan fight, so the kids in the cars left. than we became cool with the 4 kids and it was all good. than we went in the bak ally behind lik 2bros and chilled there for a liddle. than we walked around hicksville with them. and they wantred us to go to one of there houses but we didnt kuz that kids pauls parents picked him and the other small ghetoo kid up. so me laura kristen aj and the liddle ghetto kid chilled and this kid hector came so we talked for a liddle. than nick#2, kevin, teddy, jayy and someother kids came and we talekd for a liddle than we decided to leave kuz every part of our bodys were numb. so laura kristen and aj came bak to my house we tlaked and ate candy. than they all left and iv been on the fone w laura for lik a hour and after that imam go to sleep so toodles.

I must have caught something
In the heat of all these dances
I'm a worm with no more chances
And I've lost all doubt
In a chemical romance

I guess I'm bitching
At the thoughts of tarnished hope
It's kind of funny
The only feeling
I'm not in love
You know it's not love
Don't make it look so pretty burning
-the used

to stop there nightmares

[01 Nov 2004|12:24pm]

the best day of my life is all thanks to you ..Collapse )

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"goodbye till next year halloween" <3 [31 Oct 2004|10:55pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

well happy halloween everyone !!

this was the most funest halloween everr!!
well it started out by going trick or treating with my sister and we got alot of candy, kuz we were the frist people put kuz we went at like 12. than around 130 laura and olivia came over, walked up to the 99 cents stre bought some shiz than T-O-T again, met up with stef and megg.. than a after kims basketball game we met up with kim and kerri. got ALOT of candyyy. than olivia hadda leave so we walked up to 2bros and she got picjed up. and we got pizza. than walked around a liddle, dropped our candy off and on the way we got pulled over by a cop but lucky at that time we only had candy. so he didnt car and left. than wen we dropped off our candy me and laura refilled it with eggs, shaving cream and toilet paper. so we then met up w aj walking bak to meet up with everyone. than we shaving creamed each other and we saw chris m, steven i, ryan, chris l, vinny and some other people. we shaving creamed them and the left and we accidentky got some on a car and the lady yelled at us, and she was gunna call the cops, so we just cleaned it off kuz were so nice. =D than walekd to 2bros and met bak up w chris m and all them. stood with then we all just walked around and had shaving cream fights and egged things. than we went to ajs and met up with francis, matt m and brian k. so we all chilled and it was just alot of fun kuz we like shaving cramed each other and we rolled in the leaved =P and we toliet papered trees and egged each other. and francis thrrew and egg at me and it hit my fingar and started bleeding.. than we threw some at this ladys house.. and the hicks kids were hiding behind a bush or something and egged us and i got hit in the arm and i was like bleeding alot and we tryed to catch up to them but we couldnt and it was pretty gay that they were running from kids a year younger then them. so we just chilled and did all that shiz. than kim hadda go home around like 9 so we walked her home and it scared us to much. a drunk driver was like swarving everywere on the road and knocked over these garbage cans and me and laura were walking like next to the curve andd it was lik heading towards us and we all like jumped onto the persons lawn and we were just sooo fucking scared kuz we like almost died. than wen we walked kim home these mexicans stopped on were lik scareying us kuz we didnt wanan get rapped so laura screamed at the top of her lungs and she was like screaming at them it was scarey/soo funny at the same time. well it was just a realli fun not and alot happened but its to much to write. and o yeah i love soap very much! =P well imma watch a halloween movie and like fall asleep .. im not going to school tomorrow so ill update about my day tomorrow .. bye <3

o yeah i realli realli wish i had like a camra for tonight kuz i wanted to like remeber eveyrhting and post them .. but i forgot one ='(

"goodbye till next year halloween"
-scarey scarey halloween

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